Sydney now has a new and permanent Dharma centre, located at 50B Woods road, Sefton NSW 2162. The newly constructed Shrine displays statues of the great masters of Kagyupa lineage: top row starting from the left, Gampopa, Milarepa (the greatest yogi of Tibet), Telopa, Vajradhara Buddha, Naropa, Marpa (the translator), and in the middle from the left, Tara, Dharma Wangchug, Amitabha Buddha (main statue), Dusum Khyenpa (1st Karmapa) and one thousand-armed Chenrezig.

Marpa Lotsawa, a Tibetan farmer, made 3 perilous trips to India to learn Dharma from his guru Naropa. The first Tibetan Kagyupa master, he is credited with the transmission to Tibet from India of many Vajrayana and Mahamudra teachings.

Jetsun Milarepa, the greatest yogi of Tibet, despite having committed evil acts in his early years, attained enlightenment in one lifetime by practicing diligently and enduring much hardship, under his guru Marpa Lotsawa.

 Gampopa, the most important disciple of Milarepa, blended the doctrines of the Kadampas with his own realizations of Mahamudra, so producing the basis of the Kagyupa tenets.

Dharma Wangchug, one of the 4 main disciples of Je Gampopa, founded the Barompa branch of the Kargyupa lineage. Dharma Wangchug received many important teachings and initiations directly from Je Gampopa and was renowned to excel in meditation.

Rinpoche’s activities in Sydney

Rinpoche returned to Australia in early March and was met at the airport by a large group of students. On arriving at the temple Rinpoche saw for the first time the newly completed kitchen and celebrated with dinner.


Since Rinpoche’s return he has performed many activities and ceremonies as requested by his students




After much hard work from many people Venerable Lama Nansai has arrived in Australia as our new Resident Teacher and is busy assisting Rinpoche with his activities. Rinpoche and Lama Nansai are pictured here together in Tibet shortly before flying to Australia, and the students welcoming Lama Nansai at Sydney airport.

Tibetan New Year

Tibetan New Year was celebrated by the Tibetan-Australian Community, at which Rinpoche and Lama Nansai chanted at the opening ceremony. That was followed by performances by Tibetan musicians, dancers, Tibetan food and a generally festive atmosphere.

Tibetan New Year was also celebrated in the temple with Chotrul Duchen, a light offering ceremony and Rinpoche and Lama Nansai cooking traditional Tibetan New Year ‘cumze’.

Chotrul Duchen is one of the most important celebrations in the Tibetan Buddhist calendar. It is celebrated on the 15th day of the New Year. This year it falls on the Saturday 19th of March 2011. On this day the effect of positive and negative actions will be multiplied 10,001,000 times. On this day reciting mantras, performing sadhanas and good deeds and practising generosity will generate immense merit.

Offering butter lamps constitutes the most powerful offering because their light symbolises wisdom. In the same way that a lamp dispels darkness, offering light from a butter lamp represents the removal of the darkness of ignorance, this removal being necessary in order to attain Buddha's luminous clear wisdom.



Chotrul Duchen at Chatswood

 Rinpoche and Venerable Lama Nansai again held the Chotrul Duchen Ceremony for the students of North Sydney


Milarepa Initiation or Blessing Ceremony

This weekend is the anniversary of the passing of both Milarepa and Marpa Lotsawa. Rinpoche and Lama Nansai held a Ceremony where students received initiation or blessing. Recitation of the Milarepa mantra will guarantee that you will not be reborn in the 3 lower realms for the next 7 lives.

Medicine Buddha Empowerment

 In Tibetan Buddhism, the Medicine Buddha Empowerment is considered the most powerful blessing for healing and removing physical or mental sicknesses and for awakening the innate healing wisdom that lies in all human beings.

Meditation on Medicine Buddha will lead to an increase in healing powers for oneself and others and a decrease in physical and mental illnesses and suffering. The practice of Medicine Buddha meditation is greatly enhanced after you have received the Medicine Buddha Empowerment from a highly qualified Lama.


Statue Consecration

After much preparation, on sunday 10th of April Sonam Tenzin Rinpoche and Venerable Lama Nansai performed prayers and consecrated most of the statues in the temple including Amitabha, Chenrezig, Tara, Vajrasattva and the Lineage Lamas.



The presence of a consecrated statue can help to clear away obstacles and negative energies from the home and the environment thus bringing a healing energy.

Consecration of a statue results in the following benefits:

1. increase in wisdom

2. purification of obscurations and defilements

3. good health and longevity

4. gain respect

5. gracious appearance

6. increase of wealth and prosperity

7. fulfilment of all wishes

8. Swift attainment to Buddhahood


Finally a big thank you to our ‘fence builders’. Several students spent the weekend working with Rinpoche and Lama Nansai, late into Saturday night and Sunday to finish the new fence on one side of the property.



Fundraising dinner night for the Chodrak Nunnery: Barom Kagyu would like to extend its special thanks to the organizers and to all those who generously donated toward the provision of food, medicine and basic necessities of the nuns of Chodrak Nunnery. The nuns will be able to continue with their practice without worrying about when their next meal will come from.

Rinpoche and Lama Wangchuk, led the celebration of the New Year of the Iron-Male-Tiger 2010 at the new Dharma centre in Sefton. Auspiciously this year the Tibetan, Chinese and Vietnamese New Year fell on the same day.


Sonam Tenzin Rinpoche and Dharma students performed the Buddhist practice of rescuing animals, eg releasing live fish bought from the market into the river, destined for slaughter. “All beings have been my fathers and mothers” and therefore the fundamental Buddhist teaching of compassion for all living beings must be practiced by all Buddhists continuously.




    In October 2010 Rinpoche held a Chenrezig initiation.




     In November 2010, Rinpoche performed the powerful healing ceremony called Chod, with the assistance of Lama Nansai and Lama Wangshuk. About 150 people enjoyed the melodious chanting and received blessings. After the Chod ceremony, many people reported a strong feeling of peace and calmness. Some people were cured of sicknesses endured for many years.




A very auspicious beginning to 2011!
On 2nd January Rinpoche, Venerable Lama Nansai and Lama Wangchuk unveiled the new Quan Yin statue in the temple gardens. Almost 100 people gathered for the occasion to celebrate with chanting, offering incense and Rinpoche thanking the sponsors of Quan Yin and the new, soon to be built fountain. This was followed by a Che Lhu ceremony with prayers to remove all negative karma accummulated and all negative energies and prayers that all sentient beings will experience long life, excellent health and happiness and that all human beings will enjoy success.




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