Tibetan Medical Centre

Chodrak Monastery has a small medical centre that is run by three resident lamas who practise traditional Tibetan medicine. The monks and Chodrak residents have access to traditional medical treatment, which mainly consists of herbal remedies, meditation and spiritual healing. The lamas rely on pulse diagnosis as their main diagnostic tool. There is also a small pharmacy that dispenses Tibetan medicine.

The Chodrak Monastery Medical Centre is of the utmost importance to the residents of Chodrak because of the crisis in medical treatment for the residents of remote areas of Kham. This crisis has been succinctly describes by a Western volunteer health worker in eastern Tibet:

‘The remote clinics have never been able to provide more than the most basic treatment, but that treatment was at least free in the early Communist decades when they were set up. No more: as china’s public services struggle to clear long standing debts, the cost of health care is spiralling. City entrepreneurs have money, state employees have some basic health insurance. Tibetan farmers and nomads don’t, and untold numbers die each year from curable diseases.
Even for those who can afford treatment, rural clinics are ill-equipped to treat serious disease or injury. A trip to the nearest hospital may involve one or more days’ travel on rough roads in areas poorly served by public transport. To get better treatment in Chengdu, the provincial capital, would add several more days on the road and could cost many times the average rural Tibetan family’s annual income. It’s not even an option.’

Tibetan people live in tough conditions in a predominantly cold climate at high altitude, with limited food resources. The main health problems include arthritis, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes which largely remain undetected die to lack of modern diagnostic tools and health screening programmes. The medical workers at Chodrak Monastery provide treatment to the residents of Chodrak at heavily subsidised rates, thus offering a means of alleviating disease that they could not otherwise afford. Without the monastery’s subsidies, the majority of people would be forced to forego any medical treatment.


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當仁波切年青時,他以自學的方式學習藏文之讀寫,並被卻劄寺邀其於寺中出家。他修習的科目中亦包含了醫藥及天文學,於此之後,仁波切完成了三年又三個月之止修禪定閉關。仁波切又于賈哇賈措(Jinasagara)閉關中心完成了另一個三年之禪修,接著又於Bamchungma閉關中心完成了一年之禪修,仁波切於其寺院之閉關廳做了二年之禪修,並誓言再閉關九年。于其閉關期間,仁波切已證得近成就(Nyen Drup)四種修行的三種。




仁 波切也一直致力於解除惡病者之疾苦,並提供其免費之醫藥。仁波切希望能提供病人醫藥及有利於康復之條件。為達到此目的,他需要有贊助者。任何捐款將用於協 助無法負擔醫藥之人。除此之外,仁波切將會唸誦一億次之觀音咒,放生十萬支動物及金剛薩唾咒,或任何贊助者要求之修行。仁波切對於麻瘋病及epilepsy之醫藥基金尤為迫切。若是你能協助此計畫,請將你的位址及聯絡方式寄送給仁波切。此善行將使捐贈者及三寶相連,經由不斷的祈願,贊助者之佛行事業亦會更有效。

此為卻劄寺 班劄 維達雅 喇嘛卡瑪若丹仁波切(Vajra Vidya Lama Karma Rabten Rinpoche)之簡略大事記及對其簡略之介紹。


行動電話號碼:86-13209716711 ; 86-13897163666



For those who live in the outlying areas of Chodrak, the situation is even more grim. With no cash income, there is no money to pay even 10 or 20 Chinese yuan for medical treatment. In December, 2004, Venerable Lama Karma Rabten, the Vajra Master of Chodrak Monastery, wrote to Venerable Sonam Tenzin Rinpoche, seeking his assistance in establishing a free medical clinic that would provide treatment to those in the outlying areas of Chodrak, who either could not reach the monastery or afford to pay the minimal charges for medicine. Prior to completing seven years in secluded retreat, Venerable Lama Karma Rabten studied traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicine and modern medical practice for ten years. It was during his meditative retreat that Venerable Lama Karma Rabten had the realisation of the need for his compassionate activity to benefit the most deprived people of this region of Kham.

For four years, Venerable Lama Karma Rabten has been running his free clinic by himself, using his personal funds to purchase medicine and cover his travelling costs. He is in dire need of assistance if he to be able to continue his invaluable work for the people of Kham. Venerable Sonam Tenzin Rinpoche has undertaken to provide any assistance that he can. Any financial assistance that you may be able to offer Venerable Lama Karma Rabten would be received with heartfelt gratitude.

Venerable Lama Karma Rabten