Barom Kagyu Sam Ten Chuling in Petaling Jaya



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The shrine room of Barom Kagyu Sam Ten Chuling Petaling Jaya


Rinpoche's activities in Kuala Lumpur


Jang Chog Puja and Chod Prayer

Jang Chog is a purification puja and is usually held in the 7th lunar month, it is beneficial for the dead as well as the living sentient beings.. The Jang Chog puja allows us to accumulates merits through prayers and offerings which is transferred to the deceased for their purification and liberation. This practice helps the deceased in the bardo and shows them the path to enlightenment.





Nyungne Retreat

The profound Fasting Practice of Nyungne Retreat is Tibetan Buddhist practice designed to purify negative karma and accumulate merit and wisdom. It involves in practicing centering on the strict keeping of vows, the generation of the Budhisattava attitude and recitation on the sadhana (meditation practice) of the Thousand-Armed Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of compassion. During Nyungne practice, physical fasting purifies the negative karma of killing, stealing and sexual misconduct and overcomes obscuration of the body. Therefore one will never be born in the hungry ghost realm, and ultimately one will attain the supreme body of the Buddhas. Observing noble silence purifies the negative karma of lying, slandering, harsh words and the idle talk, and purifies obscuration of speech. One will not be born in the animal realm, and ultimately will attain the melodious enlightened speech of the Buddhas. Single pointed concentration purifies the negative karma of greed, evil thoughts, wrong views and purifies obscurations of the mind. One will not be born in the hell realms and ultimately will attain the five wisdoms of the Buddhas.





Dharma teaching by Rinpoche

Rinpoche giving teachings on the four foundations of the Buddhist practice.




Building Fund Raising Campaign

The Barom Kagyu Kuala Lumpur was miraculously founded and set-up shortly after Rinpoche’s arrival in Malaysia. With just a few sincere Buddhist practitioners the Barom Kagyu Sam Ten Chuling was establish  in a shop office located at  Sunway Mas Commercial Centre Petaling Jaya. The floor space is about 700 sq ft which is only be able to cater for 20+ people. Since our current center could not cater for larger crowds, we have to conduct our annual Jang Chog puja and Nyungne retreat in other location . A much bigger center is  needed for  Rinpoche to give teachings in a more conductive environment and promote the development of awareness and simulates the cultivation  of campassion and love-kindness base on the Buddhism philosophy. For the most recent activities, we had just conclude a Nyumgne retreat in Simpang Pertang Negeri Sembilan with about 90 participants.


Group photo of Nyungne Retreat 2014


We are now organizing a building fund campaign, all donations from this campaign will be utilize to purchase a building for the centre, with the new centre we could provide more teachings and continue its mission in cultivating Buddhist teachings.

If you would like to contribute to the building funds,
Donation can be directly deposited to the Barom Kagyu account:

CIMB Bank Account Number: 1288 000 1385 057
(Persatuan Penganut Buddha Barom Kagyu Sam Ten Chuling)

Please provide Name, Email/Telephone Number and email to

For further information please contact
Sook Fun: +6019 337 4892
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Thank you for your kind support. May your merits & wisdom increase.